Queue: the JS way

6 minute(s) de lecture

The queue is a very efficient design pattern for managing a simple service running a limited number of tasks. You can easily create a component that needs to...

The Useless Type Calculator in Typescript

7 minute(s) de lecture

It’s time for one of the most useless things I ever made — something beyond reason, where the logic stops being rational and the void is the reality. It’s ti...

Comment j’ai hacké le dino de Chrome

6 minute(s) de lecture

C’est les vacances. Il fait beau. Le ciel est bleu. Le sable est fin. Et il est temps pour moi de battre mon meilleur score au dino de Chrome.

Observer: the JS way

4 minute(s) de lecture

Observer is a beneficial design pattern in object-oriented, functional and reactive programming. You can create an asynchronous communication channel between...

i18n’em all with Singleton

3 minute(s) de lecture

Two weeks ago, we saw how we could improve our code with the Singleton pattern. It is now the moment to implement a concrete module for localization.

Singleton: the JS way

2 minute(s) de lecture

Singleton is one of the most simple patterns of the Design Patterns book. But it’s also a powerful pattern that allows us to share features and data among al...

I’ve never understood Redux, so I rewrote it.

12 minute(s) de lecture

I’ve been using Redux for a few years. It’s cool! I can manage the state of my application in a single Store with many reducers. But… wait, what is really a ...